Sloth facts

Sloth facts

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What’s a sloth and what do you know about them? These mammals live on trees almost their entire life and are related to the anteaters.

They are rather slow in their movements, hence the title”sloth,” which as you may know is that the Biblical deadly sin of laziness. Both varieties of sloths are rather common in Central and South American jungles. Below you will find some more fun facts about sloths.

The three toed sloth can rotate its head almost 360 degrees while its mouth features a smiling like shape. This somewhat goofy smiling expression is what endears this animal to a lot of enthusiasts.

The sloth is an mammal known to spend nearly all its whole life on trees, hanging upside down.

The sloth is so lethargic, so that its fur and body frequently act as the host to a wide assortment of symbiotic algae, beetles and moths. The algae often gives the sloth a green look and really acts as camouflage

Despite that fact that this creature rarely moves, it only sleeps a relatively average 6 to 8 hours per night. It was previously believed they slept for up to 20 hours each day, but close observation has demonstrated this to be untrue.

Sloths leave the trees when they would like to defecate or to urinate, which happens about once weekly. This will therefor make them become very vulnerable to predators like the jaguar or the eagles. The cause of this is unknown, although it is speculated that the sound of doing these actions from the trees, as the consequent urine or stool drops through the leaves of the jungle, could attract predators moreso than it is vulnerable position on the ground.

Soths spend most of their entire life clinging on to tree branches that they can still retain their grip even after death, as a result of their adaptive muscles and claws. They are often found dead and hanging onto branches like they were alive.

The sloth’s claws are their only natural way of defense.

The sloth gives birth only to one offspring once per year.

Sloths live a solitary life and only come together to mate.

The sloth is considered the slowest land animal on Earth.

Sloths are actually fairly adept swimmers because of their natural buoyancy and long arms.

Sloths have a stomach with 4 compartments, which enables them to digest the tough leaves that they feeds on. This diet does not provide much energy which contributes to its famous slothful nature.

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